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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

"I am inspired by each and every day to do better mindfully."

The 2020 calendar planners are out and ready to be purchased! As a business owner and mom, I definitely will be buying one of those beautiful...note pads. Listen, I always have such great hopes and plans for these cute, ultra-feminine, chic, pastel-colored planners with the inspirational messages on the cover yet I never get pass week one when it comes to actually write in them, plus there’s never enough space.

I want to tell you why planning out your DAY on a regular note pad works better, reduces stress, and ultimately helps you to obtain your goals more effectively than pre-planning your week on a monthly calendar. Note: This excludes appointments. Sister girl, if you can get a same-day appointment with these doctors outside of the ER and Urgent cares…let me know where to look!

So now let me give you my top three reasons why you should plan your day out on a note pad:

1. It helps me to better focus. Planning each day out either the night prior or early in the morning helps me to control my day better…and with control comes better focus. AND I NEED FOCUS. See there’s a connection between your thoughts, the act of writing, and your sight. It is called sensorimotor memory. This sensorimotor concept is effective for LEARNING through engaging in an activity that utilizes your senses and motor skills. “Writing by hand strengthens the learning process. The movements involved when handwriting, “leave a motor memory in the sensorimotor part of the brain,” which helps the person recognize letters and establish a connection between reading and writing.”[1] The connection here is engaging your sense of sight, with your motor skill of writing which in turn helps you to focus better on keeping your goals and priorities at the forefront of your mind during the day, simply because you wrote them down.

2. It gives me MY TIME back. Planning out each time forces me to STOP and FOCUS on ME. How many of my mommies out there know that is far and between when it comes to Me Time. This has been a game-changer for me going into the last quarter of this year. I have intentionally and consistently planned out my weekly goals (which are usually only two) on Sunday nights and every morning during the week I wake up to “Own the Day…MY DAY” by beginning with me.

Sistah, I cannot impress upon enough the importance of you making and taking time for yourself. Especially to regroup and refocus on taking charge of your day. So if the simple act of planning out your day each morning before the kiddos wake up is your opportunity to sip on that coffee or tea in PEACE and get your life all the way together for just a day…TAKE IT! And enjoy the fruits of your time.

3. It inspires me daily. Waking up to own my day helped me to understand the importance of mediating and using those profound thoughts to propel me throughout my day. Meditation essential helps to calm your body and mind and improve the balance and interaction between your brain, mind, and behavior[2]. Couple that with calming music (I prefer binaural beats) and my mind is focused, calm and my body is in sync. I am inspired by each and every day to do better mindfully.

4. It helps me to not dwell on yesterday and move forward with today. RIP-IT UP!!! At the end of the day, you can toss that little sheet of paper in the trash and start fresh and new each day! Peridot.

FREEBIE: Having personal experience with depression, I have learned to incorporate this simple yet profoundly beneficial activity into my daily life. It has relieved the stress of feeling overwhelmed and given me more control of my day, thoughts along with my emotions. When there is order there is mental peace to deal with obstacles that will come your way during the day.

If you ARE a business owner and would like to know how I plan out my quarters, because what businesswoman does NO, subscribed to my blog and you will get the TEA on “How to plan like a Boss!” plus a very special offer on my next conference for women!

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Danielle Parks is a freelance writer, published author, and a speaker who enjoys advocating for Mental Health Awareness & Wellness among Black and Brown women and being a mom to her amazing daughter as well as a cat mom.

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[1] Using Pen And Paper, Not Laptops, Boosts Your Memory

Lizette Borreli - https://www.medicaldaily.com/why-using-pen-and-paper-not-laptops-boosts-memory-writing-notes-helps-recall-concepts-ability-268770

[2] Meditation: In-Depth


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