Updated: Nov 15, 2019


With your natural hair and magnificent melanin

Your curl ‘n’ press, twist outs, braids out, ponytails, pigtails, afro puffs,

dreadlocks, sisterlocs, long hair, short hair, low hair, no hair,

kinky hair, curly hair, fine hair,

Can't get this hair up, hair

Don’t touch my hair, hair

Whether you like it or not hair

I'm going to slay either way with my hair, type hair

We all sing the same national anthem of Nappy and Happy

Nappily ever after that's what we're all after in our Sisterhood of Blackness

Come thru Black Girl

With those rich tones of Mother Africa

Often imitated but never duplicated Toffee, Coffee, Mocha, Brown, Black these earthy tones

glowing and flowing

Highly Melanated

We standing and glistening under the Sun rays of Royalty

Holding our heads up High

Because when they go low...We stay on the Throne

Established by Our Ancestors over 2000 yrs. ago!

Come thru Black Girl

With those OH! So Gorgeous brick house curves and swerves

Refining and Defining Supreme Esteem

Embracing Dominion

Recognizing our Authority

And operating in Purpose on Purpose

Come thru Black Girl!

By: Shante.Love

Copyright: 09-2018

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