Brown Girl Jam: Eryn Allen Kane

IT'S THURSDAY!! Time for our Thursday Brown Girl Jam, Eryn Allen Kane! 

This new Detroit born, R&B, melanated song-bird, lends her vocals to these methodical beats as she sings her new song, Fragile. The explanation as to why she wrote this is absolutely spot on in explaining the plight of the heart of a Black woman. Below is just a short excerpt from her purpose of the song, the rest can be found within the summary of the video.

I wrote this song about the beauty and strength in vulnerability.

Ladies, ENJOY and in 2020..let's tear these walls down, let go of the burdens of yesterday, laugh, love and truly LIVE AGAIN!

Eryn Allen Kane, Fragile, from album A Tree Planted By Water, 2019

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"I wrote a song about generational trauma called “Fragile”.

The idea that my traumas are my mothers and her mothers.

They’re passed down from one strong woman to the next.

We’re told “you’re tough as nails” while we struggle trying to take on the weight of the world.

We’re told “you’re not in pain” when we are hurting.

We’re told “you’re too loud” when we try to speak up.

We’re told “you’re too aggressive” when we are passionate.

We manage everyone’s feelings, hiding our own tears, hiding who we are; it becomes second nature...

I wrote this song about the beauty and strength in vulnerability.

About addressing the traumas our ancestors passed down to us so we can begin to heal.

I dedicate this to my mother, my grandmother, my female ancestors, women of color who are born into this world carrying a specifically heavy load, and to any of you out there who have learned to ignore your own voice for someone else’s sake."- Eryn Allen Kane

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About the Author

Danielle Parks is a freelance writer, published author, and a speaker who enjoys advocating for Mental Health Awareness & Wellness among Black and Brown women, and being a mom to her amazing daughter as well as a cat mom.

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